dining room chandeliers


F.L.A.P. besides realizing chandeliers tailored large chandeliers also produces a smaller size suitable for smaller rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. It is still a very high quality production that could improve the context in which is inserted the chandelier for the dining room.

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Our masters glazier are are constantly in search of new horizons in quality and design, aware that only in this way will be met customer requirements about crystal chandeliers.

We are able to develop projects tailored to specific architects and design firms, we assess your needs and provide estimates for the production of crystal chandeliers for sale.

For information please contact us via email to info@flaplight.net

F.L.AP. also provide for :

- custom paintings on glass

- fine arts prints on glass

- custom portraits on glass

- digital art on glass

- artistic painting on canvas

- realistic painting on glass

- contract lighting

- swarovski chandeliers

- classic venetian lighting

- hand crafted italian crystal chandeliers

- lightining italian design

- dining room chandeliers

- bespoke hand crafted chandeliers

- luxury lighting

- high quality chandeliers

F.L.A.P Lampadari: la qualità di una produzione artigianale interamente made in Italy.

F.L.A.P Lampadari – Riviera Del Brenta, 30032 Fiesso D’Artico (Venezia) Italia – Tel/Fax +39 041 510 2241 – info@flaplight.net