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the best production of glass venetian chandeliers from Flaplight.net: bespoke swaroski chandeliers for any needs;

Our Murano chandeliers are made by master glass blowers "Maestri Vetrai" , with each Murano Chandelier brought to you directly from Italy so there are no middlemen involved adding to the cost, we produce glass venetian chandeliers since 1967 in Murano Venice.

Flaplight.net is a company with a vocation and international culture in classic venetian lighting, artistic solutions in glass venetian chandeliers

Murano glass chandeliers hail from the island of Murano, the famous Venetian island, the classic venetian lighting as well know in the world; Chandeliers hailing from Murano are essentially different form Lead crystal chandeliers for quality and accurancy in construction. Think to a beautiful classic venetian lighting in your house a unique and valuable artistic item.

flaplight.net is a glasswork renowned in Venice also for bespoke high quality chandeliers that you can see very often in museum, teather , church and private houses,measure production as you want !

come to us if you want bespoke high quality chandeliers, our company realizeclassic venetian lighting beautiful chandeliers suited to your residence, and also if you search chandeliers for church or museum please do no hesitate to contact us we're pratice in glass venetian chandeliers


luxury lighting - flaplight.net offer lighting for every type of buinding. From Hotel to museum , church and so on you'll find the best selections for high quality chandeliers

Flaplight.net offer a wide range of Luxury Lighting. Modern And Traditional Garden Lights To Suit All Your Outdoor Lighting Needs. Supplying a large range of luxury lighting , Ceiling Lights From Modern Pendants, Traditional Chanderliers To Flush Ceiling Lights.Our master practice in bespoke high quality chandeliers of product quality. So don't worry you're in the right place for classic venetian lighting;

many times you try to find a bespoke chandelier designs but it's not so easy also because you reach the quality especially repect an Italian chandelier - flaplight.net modern and traditional hand crafted chandeliers;

Our technical staff is at your disposal if you need informations about big bespoke chandeliers in Italy, our staff will help you if you need to go on keeping information about hand crafted chandeliers. We always been involved to quality and design in classic venetian lighting that could be a really good solution for your home ;

Very impressive digital art on glas is what you can find in flaplight.net - In our website you can choice for glass venetian chandeliers;

flaplight.net over the years has always tried to improve digital art on glass and glass venetian chandeliers. We produce bespoke swaroski chandeliers for any need and of any size. We produce a wide range of contract lighting . Choose the competence and expertise of our master glazier mostly if you search crystal chandeliers for sale , in flaplight.net our master glazier has considerable experinece in the production of contract lighting and skills in custom paintings on glass

flaplight.net is passion in custom paintings on glass - Our artistic custom portraits are highly valued in the world also our artistic painting on canvas;

Please refer to our company if you searchcrystal chandeliers and artistic painting on canvas the best collection in flaplight.net. thanks to the skills of its master glazier we realize really fantastic big bespoke chandeliers;

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