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the choice of luxury chandeliers hand made in Italy is in Flaplight.net - the website famous for his collection of crystal chandeliers;

flaplight.net is pratice in luxury chandeliers the best production in bespoke classic chandeliers; since 1967 we provide a wide range of luxury lighting and classic venetian lighting


contact us for bespoke classic chandeliers - flaplight.net is quality and skills made in Italy crystal chandeliers

This is the right webpage to get to know our website because we are a team highly professional and talented in providing bespoke classic chandeliers on all dimensions and for any building, for church, museum, theater , and so on . Only production made in Italy . Our production is really conveninent so don't hesiste if you search luxury chandeliers this is the right place , the best of one of the oldiest Venice's companies in classic chandeliers and luxury chandeliers.

best prices and best quality in classic venetian lighting could found in flaplight.net - exceptional solutions in custom portraits on glass !

Only Flaplight.net can give you best prices and best quality at the same time ! Flaplight.net in Murano Venice , the companies that since forty years realize bespoke classic venetian lighting ? You're in the right website, flaplight is well know mostly for his production of custom portraits on glass and artistic painting on canvas . Come to visit our show room in Venice and you'll se our contract lighting;

in Flaplight.net you'll find a wide range of beautiful glass venetian chandeliers - flaplight.net produce custom portatraits on glass !

the Flaplight's production site is situated near Venice, and typically oriented in production of glass venetian chandeliers, very high quality Italian's production about custom paintings on glass. If you need information please contact us by mail to: info@flaplight.net we'll give you a reply in a very few time. The best italian lighting and bespoke hand crafted chandeliersare both the excellence of Flaplight-net . For any informations or renseignements please contact us directly by mail to: info@flaplight.net we're at your disposal

Thanks to Elizabeth which is the artist that creates beautiful custom paintings on glass - artistic painting on canvas and glass with the reproduction of faces of famous people or other subjects

Elizabeth is a true artist who is dedicated to painting on canvas and glass, in flaplight.net's website you'll find some example of her production stained glass and artistic panting on canvas and glass and custom paintings on glass. Choose the crystal lighting hand crafted Italy and dining room chandeliers our solutions for bespoke italian lighting; Flaplight.net take care of your request about bespoke hand crafted chandeliers please contact us by mail to info@flaplight.net

in Flaplight.net there are master glaziers in Venice , highly qualified people which improve in time the technology to built bespoke classic chandeliers hand crafted in Italy

flaplight.net thanks to his personel provide to build bespoke classic chandeliers. The skills of our master glaziers is know in the market. you'll find lighting italian design, best quality in classic chandeliers hand crafted in Italy. Flaplight.net produce in Murano Venice and have skill and practice in bespoke ligthing italian design hand crafted lamps and custom portraits on glass. Come to visit our website and look the digital art on glass - Flaplight.net creates artistic achievements of fine arts prints on glass.

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