F.L.A.P. Chandeliers
since 1967 it lights up
your life

Our collections

With light we create atmospheres, we suggest emotions and thanks to the help of electronics, we can now easily obtain the desired result, with very low energy consumption.

F.L.A.P since 1967

F.L.A.P. was an idea originally conceived in 1967 by the young artist Primo Artusi with the undying support of his beloved wife, Bruna. After spending many long and arduous years as an employee in the chandelier industry, Primo had finally realized his dream of breaking out on his own. He introduced a new kind of outlet for his creative energies; one that was capable of satisfying any and every type of customer request. Signor Artusi soon developed the reputation, both throughout his native Italy and abroad, of a man who could handcraft any chandelier – big or small, intricate or plain – with but a wave of his wand.

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